JAMB 2018 – Certain things to consider when choosing an institution of study

Things to consider before choosing an institution of study after JAMB 2018 registrations

It’s important that jambites seeking for admission into different institutions within Nigeria and abroad must be informed about making the right choice of institution.  However, this post is basically meant to educate and explain institutional choice making for those preparing for JAMB exam. Most applicants for concessional admission into different institution might have been denied based on wrong choices made during Jamb registrations.

Today, I will be gifting you with tips on how to make and select the right institution for studies before proceeding with the Jamb 2018 Registrations.

  1. Verify accredited institutions before jamb 2018 registrations

Jambites seeking admission into any institution must verify properly about institutions that have been accredited by Nigeria University commission (NUC). Also, verify that your choice course of study is also approved and lectures ongoing for students from other levels in the institution.

  1. Catchment Area of The school:

Yeah, catchment area is also important.  Being part of a school/university catchment can favour you during admission processes. For example, UNILAG catchment areas are Lagos, Osun Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun.  The cut off mark for these catchment areas are always lesser than the merit cut off mark.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for admission into a university if you are not from the catchment areas.  Catchment areas only give the candidates of those states upper hands during admission.

  1. ASUU Strike history and State Strike Issues

Applicants seeking for admission into any Nigeria institution must not try to patronize institutions with frequent record of involving in industrial actions as these may delay time frame of graduation and further studies. Jamb 2018 Applicants must research on this properly or remain in school why your mates serve.


  1. Failure to met institutional requirement before Jamb 2018 registration

Universities in Nigeria have different admission requirements, so before applying for one, make sure you meet up with those requirements.  For example, some schools JAMB cut off is 200 while some might be above or below 200. Make sure you are aware of how the admission processes was done the previous year to avoid any form of problem.

  1. How to check jamb results before Application for Jamb 2018 registrations

Most schools uses screening point to admit students.  Though, some might conduct POST UME exam like UNILAG, OAU, while some does not conduct POST UME exam like LASU etc.  I have made some post on my blog on how to calculate the screening point of some schools like UNILAG, UI etc, just check them out.

Having listed all this post,  i hope you now have clear idea on which university to choose.

If you have any question on the university you wish to choose, kindly comment below in the comment box.


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N-power 2016 Physical verification requirements for Selected Applicants

N-power   2016 Physical verification requirements


N-power   2016 Physical verification applicant is advised to come along with the following requirements for the physical verifications as scheduled to come soon. The Physical Verification stage is the process of physically verifying the Age, Gender, Residential Address and LGA, Academic Qualification, and NYSC completion of applicants.  Physical Verification will commence on Monday, December 4th and end Friday, December 15th, 2016 across Nigeria.


N-Power Physical Verification Now that you have been pre-selected, here is what you need for Physical Verification


Birth Certificate, Baptismal Card, Affidavit of Age Declaration, Valid Photo ID (e.g. National Identity Card, Bio Data Page of International Passport, Voters Card)



Bachelor’s Degree, Statement of Result or transcript

OND certificate, statement of result or transcript

HND certificate, statement of result or transcript

NCE Certificate, statement of result, or transcript

The certificate that corresponds with qualifications specified in application.


National Identity Card (ID

Utility Bill (e.g. PHCN, Water, Waste, etc

Voters Card

General knowledge of local area Government

4: NYSC Document


NYSC certificate of discharge; or

NYSC exemption document


N-power 2016 pre-selected verification will commence within the week from the 4th of December and will differ from state to state; also different States will have different start dates. For example, State EBONYI STATE may start on Monday and State ENUGU STATE will start on Wednesday. The important thing to note is that all states will commence N-power   2016 Physical verification from 4th of December, 2016.

N-power 2017 Physical verification Image

Additional information includes;


For N-power Physical Verification venue will be your Residential Local Government Area Secretariat. Note: The Local Government Area Secretariat used during N-power application and not your indigene Local Government Area.

You are NOT required to go along with your BVN Number/slip for N-power 2016 Physical verification exercise.

Follow instructions at your various N-power 2016 Physical verification centers. Be orderly. Be courteous.

Everything stated here applicable to 2016 applicants who are on the waiting list. These applicants have already received an SMS that they are on the list.

Use information shared on our www.kendoras.com.ng to keep you updated with your N-power Physical verification

Follow the instructions carefully

If you are unclear about something posted here, ask us for clarity by writing a comment below and you will be clearly informed about the N-power 2016 Physical verification Exercise

Also read N-power 2017 Physical Verification Process HERE

Photos:Banky w wedding pictures Trend on Google Search

The most searched Nigerian wedding of the year 2017 has been between Miss Adesuwa Etomi and her hubby Olubankole Wellington known by his stage name Banky W.

The couples has been trending both on the google search and ranking very high on social media with the hashtag #BAAD2017.

The couple held their traditional wedding in Lagos on Sunday, November 19.

Adesua Etomi who is a Nollywood actress just got wedded to singer, Banky W in a South African church. They wedding were attended by few friends and close family members. Popular Nigerian Musician “Wizkid” couldn’t keep to his promise as to attend his formal boss wedding.


Here are pictures from #BAAD2017

Davido like Dat: Full Lyrics

Davido like Dat: Full Lyrics

The full name of Davido is David Adedeji Adeleke born in November 21, 1992. He is a Nigerian recorded artist who is very much popular among all the artists. His songs are really nice and got high rating in very little time. He worked with many other artists even with his own brother. He is a young artist who got fame in very short time period. He tried hard for his song ‘’ Davido like Dat’’. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Black Friday: Iphone X 80% off

Black Friday is considered the blessed day among all the days. We should call all the days with good names, why I am saying this is usually black is not considered good. BUT this black Friday has a history and logic behind its name. The black Friday, you will think is something bad happened on this day… Well, maybe you are thinking right or may be wrong.  On black Friday there is discount on everything, it may be 30 percent off or upto 70 and sometimes it become 90 percent between 11 to 12 pm midnight.

The black Friday has a lot of reason behind, some says it is because of the poor people or for those who can’t afford to complete their wishes, they can complete it on this black Friday. It happens on Friday of November every year.

Some claims that the name black Friday is given because once the economy of U.S due to financial crisis has decreases, on 24, Sep 1869. U.S gold market has loss their economy and their business had financial loss due to which they sell their products in a very low price to balance the economy. And the day got its name black Friday due to financial loss. Two citizens of U.S has tried to bought so much gold to drive the economy on its peak but still the name black Friday remained.

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