How to Improve Alexa Ranking Of your Website [Working Methods 2018]

How to Improve Alexa Ranking Of your Website [Working Methods 2018]

Today I’ll be talking about Alexa ranking so we all know alexa is a website which ranked websites based on traffic popularity and one of the major way they rank is then traffic to a website.

I’ll be talking about how what you can do to improve your Alexa rank, so very first thing why do you need Alexa, because if you have a good ranking you can attract more advertisers plus it will show how popular or how good your blog.

it is now and X is not the actual right way to judge the quality of a blog, but still there are very few of  Alexa kind of websites that can that we can use for ranking a website. For example we often use Google page rank.

So at the same time alexa is a good way to judge blog traffic so if you go to topic top 500 Alexa of websites, you can see Google, Facebook YouTube, all the popular websites are. I consider as a good ranking, now the point is how you can get the similar or better ranking.

Steps to increase Alexa ranking

So I will show you some of the tips which I’ve learned, over the time and that will help you. The very first thing is the content of your blog, now when I say the content it does not have to be the quality and quality is always a matrix but when you control.

It’s all about how often you publish now the regularity is a very prime factor.

Second is the traffic, so if you are publishing regular content quality content of course with properly optimized content for search engine and getting good traffic from everywhere. Let’s say search engine social media sites your ranking is going to be good, the key point is you have to be regular or with your posting it does not have to be irregular.

So if you are posting to post in a week and then the next one week you don’t publish anything it’s bad, what I have seen a few blogs where I used to publish. Let’s say to post a day and the ranking was going really high, when I stopped publishing there my ranking started dropping significantly. So regular posting is the first key.

Second you can go to alexa site and you can create an account over here and then you can verify your site it’s as easy as adding a Meta tag and then add your website details that will help you for sure.

Now, the third and the most important factor are adding elixir vitae to your Website, so that helped them to rank it fairly.

Now many websites who does not have elixir vitae, so some time Alex I could not get the actual traffic data from those websites and me and you don’t see good Alexa our ranking for those websites.

so that’s a downside but again that’s how it alexa works and forth you can also ask people to review your websites on alexa.

How To Create A Facebook Group – Facebook Tutorial

How To Create A Facebook Group – Facebook Tutorial

I’m going to be showing you how to create a Facebook group so not a Facebook page for your business or whatever but a Facebook group.

So if you want to learn how to do that stick around alright guys so in order to create a Facebook group.

A brand new Facebook group what you need to do is log in to your Facebook and then once you’re logged in go to your timeline or time feed whatever you want to call it and then underneath groups.

which will be on the left hand side here under pages go to groups and then click more right there that’ll bring up this group page here you’ll see suggested groups friends groups local new and also your groups now.

How to create a facebook group

Click on create group and click on that we’ll be able to create all of our group information

Now you’re going to go ahead and name the group here so if I want to name this group guru nation. I can go ahead and name that there and then as far as members go you can enter their name so you can do that here just like so enter the name of friends that you have on Facebook or you can enter their email address as well.

Basically all that does is make it easier to access when you click on the list of groups that you were either a part of or have been a part of now the next page.

How to set the privacy of your facebook group

Our next section here that you’re going to look at is the privacy of your group, now this is very important now me personally I do not like to be spammed with group invites.

So normally you can make your group public, closed or secret, what I normally do is making it public for people to join.

What it means when a facebook group is public, closed or secret

If you make it public anyone can see the group and anyone can post if they’re members.

as far as a closed group that means anyone can find the group and see who’s in it but only members can see the post, so if you have like a paid class or a paid service that you provide online and people who are paying for your service are actually able to utilize the closed group that’s one way you can utilize.

Facebook groups now a secret group is only members can find the group and see the post, so nothing will be public about the secret group the only way people can even see it is if they’re invited as members.

click the blue create button what you’ve clicked that blue create button you’re then going to be able to choose an icon, so we’ll go ahead and choose one and then click OK.

you can also skip that step if you want to now, then you’re going to see this nice fresh blank group page this is going to be where people can come and ask questions.

They can come here and dialogue with each other, groups is a great way for people to kind of come to as one unified place for people to come and discuss a unified topic.

So on the group page we’re going to see a few different things now under personalize your group. you’re going to upload a group photo this is going to be like this timeline photo here the dimensions for that are 800 by 200 so 800 wide by 200 high.

You can normally upload a brand new photo by clicking that green button there now you can see the name of the group.

Here close group here, so they’ll tell you a little bit more about the closed group. It’ll say that you are joined; if you want to unfollow or leave the group you can do that here.

you can share this on your timeline and then you’ll also have some notifications up here, now the first few things you’re going to see underneath your group are discussion you’re going to see a members tab.

This is going to be who is a part of this group, you’re going to see events now you can create events specific to your group. So basically you can create an event here and only people are members of this group will be able to see the event details of that specific event.

I hope this helped you out if it did go ahead and help me out by sharing it with your friends and family and friends on social media.


Alexa Ranking | How To Rank High On Alexa

Amazon Alexa…. was developed by Amazon and was formed as a personal assistant to its user just like a secretary does to her boss. Here, with Alexa, you can train it to work the way you want it to work for you. As a result, commands can be made using Amazon Alex.

Thus, Alexa was popularly made by Amazon Eco/Amazon Echo Dots Device Amazon; activation of Alexa can be done via Amazon app for those using Android and IOS but you can as well use the wake word echo.

Therefore, Alaxa can also be utilize for voice communication, hence, commands that can be made with Alexa include: Ask for help, play music, Mute or unmute, Stop or pause, Change volume, Set a repeating alarm, Message another Echo user, Create a named timer and so lot more.

Alexa have different fundamenatal functions as its essential function include ordering of things like food, here, UK users can eat for meal other, update can be gotten from sports, email and messaging can be used to deliver message to a recipient App. Etc.

Alexa-Things Amazon Alexa Offer to its Users

The following below are also offered by Alaxa this are specifically to Alexa users. For you to also gain from this, you must be a member by signing up with them

  • Weather reports by AccuWeather
  • Alexa has built-in support for Pandora and Spotify accounts and also play streamed music from Apple Music and Google Play Music from a phone or tablet
  • Alexa manages your alarms, timers, shopping and to-do lists while responding to questions about items in the user’s shopping cart.
  • News by TuneIn from sources including local radio stations, NPR, and ESPN

Commands that are Found in Amazon Alexa

As i said earlier, you give alexa command base on what you want it to do for you. The following below are some commands that alexa offers they include

Time and Date: Set an alarm, Set a repeating alarm, Set a timer, Create a named timer, Set multiple timers, Cancel a timer, etc.

Calls and Messaging: with this command, a echo user can also call another Echo user, the recipient can decide to Answer an incoming call, Hang up, Message another Echo user, Play messages, etc.

Media Controls: with this, you can Play music, Queue specific song or artist, Play a song based on context, Play the song of the day, Play Spotify music, Play Pandora station, Play a radio station, etc.

Purchasing: Reorder essentials from Amazon, Track packages from Amazon, Add an item to your cart, Find new music to purchase, Purchase a song or album from an artist, Ask about deals, etc.

Alexa – Amazon Alexa- Download Alexa App |How To use Voice Commands on Android

To use voice command simply follow the guide below simply

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Secondly, click on the Alexa icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Also click on the Allow button to give Alexa permission to access your microphone. You may need to select Allow again on a security popup.
  4. Tap Done.
  5. Finally, then command alexa with the following questions like Alexa
  • what’s the weather like”
  • Ask what is on my calendar tomorrow”
  • Alexa play music for me
  • Alexa, find the closest grocery store.”

Here this command are giving by you to alexa you are in charge here, lets just say you are the boss. As have said above you should know by know that Alexa is among the best and can serve your purpose.

Download Alexa App-How to Download Amazon Alexa on an Android

Android phone is very easy use to download amazon app the following is what you can do to download amazon Alexa to do this you will

  • First of all go to your phone o to your apps and click on  Google Play Store
  • Secondly, search for Alexa in the Play Store and select Amazon Alexa.
  • Finally, click the Install button and wait while the Amazon Alexa app downloads onto your device.

Amazon Alexa-How to Activate Amazon Alexa

For you to activate alexa, you must have download and installed the app. If you have done that, follow the guide below and activate your Acoount

  1. Firstly, click on  Alexa in your list of apps to open the Amazon app.
  2. Secondly, click on the Sign In button using the details you used in signing up but if you do not have account  Create a New Account
  3. If it has been done successfully, log in to the app with your email address or phone and password.
  4. Click on the Get Started button.
  5. Then select your name from the list under Help Alexa Get to Know You. Tap I’m Someone Else if your name is not on the list and provide your information.
  6. If you have selected your name, you can customize it, using a nickname, your full name or whatever you prefer Alexa to use for messaging and calling, which the first and last name is mandatory to provide
  7. Click on Continue when you are ready to proceed.
  8. Then click on Allowif you want to give Amazon permission to upload your contacts, which can help you connect with family and friends.
  9. Once is done verify your phone number if you want to send and receive calls and messages with Alexa.
  10. SMS will be sent to you to confirm your number
  11. Click on Continue when ready or tap Skip if you do not want to use this feature at this time.
  12. Enter the six-digit verification code you received via text and tap Continue.

Customize Your Alexa App using the Guide Below

If you want to get a good result with Amazon Alexa voice command, you have to take time and customize  your Aleza App to do this is very simple follow guide as stated below:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Tap Customize Alexa(if you do not see this option, tap the Home button at the bottom of the screen).
  3. Choose the device for which you want to customize Alexa from the list of devices. Alternatively, you can set up a new device.
  4. Select settings and complete it then is done.


Hope this was helpful, thanks for your time.

How To Delete Facebook Group Without Losing Your Facebook Account

Delete Facebook Group… Are you simply tired of all your facebook group, you wish not to own them anymore. Then this post is just for you on how to delete facebook group on facebook. Do you know it’s very easy and simple to delete any Facebook Group. Today, I will be teaching you the simply steps to follow to delete your facebookDelete Facebook GroupThe reason why people create Facebook group is to bring together users of common ethics together, to interact and share like minds online on Facebook. Facebook groups are free and it has so many categories when creating new groups on Facebook. These categories might include religious, marketing group, fashion, educational etc.

To delete any facebook group, you will need to follow this simple steps below….

Facebook Group-How to Delete Facebook Group

Every user on Facebook is left with their opinion on the groups they join and may also want to leave the group for reasons best known to them. Now, let’s talk about How to Delete Facebook Group which is our case study for today. The following steps should be observed on How to Delete Facebook Group.

  • Locate the group you want to delete on your Facebook page
  • Tap on ‘Members’ at the left of your page
  • Then tap next to every member’s name
  • Choose ‘Remove from Group’
  • Finally, tap on ‘Leave Group’.

Delete Facebook-How to Delete Group Conversations On Facebook

To properly delete all about a group, you may want to clear all interactions on that particular group. You need to know how this is done on Facebook just in case the need arises. Note, if you are not the group admin, it is impossible to delete conversations on a Facebook group except you are the admin and to do this follow these step;

  • First of all, go to your group chat conversation tab
  • Secondly, to the ‘Action drop down’
  • Also click ‘Delete Messages’
  • click the messages you wish to delete
  • Finally, click ‘Delete’

Hope this was helpful, thanks for  your time…


Any watch lover of any reputable say will tell you that watches from the Rolex SA manufacturer are one of the best watches available.Rolex SA is a distinguished manufacturer that has made elegant classy luxury watches for almost a century.The Rolex Datejust is one of the most best selling brand of the family Rolex.Its an exquisitely designed timepiece that acquired its name for its feature of adjusting the date automatically every passing day.

The Rolex Datejust was first launched in 1945 and has seen a various series of different versions enter the market.All of this versions may have slight variation but all subscribe to the basic details that graced the first Rolex Datejust.The Rolex watches might be a wonder and a desire to many,but their price range would be too steep for many in the general public.The following are however one of the best alternatives to the Rolex Datejust that possess the same elegance and are more pocket friendly.

1.    SEIKO SARB033

Manufactured by the Japanese Company,Seiko,this timepiece is elegant and stylish in every way.Its very similar to the Rolex Datejust with the date panel and its exterior design.


  • 6R15 in-house caliber movement that is showcased by having a transparent back panel which increases its style and shows the inner rotary movement.
  • Can be hand-wound and hacked
  • 50 hour power reserve
  • Stainless steel bracelet with a push- button clasp
  • Silver hour market and black luminous hands
  • 23 jewel sapphire crystal on the exhibition back.
  • Water resistant feature.
  • Stainless steel case with a case diameter of 37.1 mm and a case thickness of 1.12 centimeters.


The Seiko SARB033 is worth the price and is way cheaper compared to the Rolex Datejust while featuring the best of its qualities.

2.    Bulova Men’s 96B129 Precisionist Claremont Black Stainless Steel Watch

Manufactured by the American Company,Bulova.This watch is the very stylish and would be ideal as a dress watch.


  • Stainless steel bracelet with a push-button clasp
  • Precisionist technology that results in almost eight times the vibration frequency of a traditional quartz watch leading to an increase in time accuracy by upto 10 seconds a year.
  • Luminous hands
  • Water resistance of up to 100 ft.
  • Stainless steel case with a case diameter of 23.5 mm and a case thickness of 12.2 mm.


In addition to being waterproof,the watch is also shockproof.The entire watch is a beauty to behold and with the increased time accuracy is a necessary timepiece for one to possess.



3.    Seiko Men’s SGF204 Stainless Steel Two-Tone Watch

Manufactured by Japanese Company Seiko.Is another classy watch that is parallel to the Rolex Datejust watches.


  • Luminous hands and markers
  • Day and date panel at the 3 o’clock position.
  • Silver tone base metal case and a gold-tone stainless steel bezel.
  • Waterproof upto 99ft
  • Silver-tone stainless steel bracelet with gold-tone centre links.
  • Features the japan quartz movement
  • Hardlex crystal dial window
  • Bracelet has fold over clasp with double push button safety.
  • Two tone stainless steel case with case diameter of 35 mm and case thickness of 8mm.

This watch is a beautiful classy timepiece that screams style and elegance.

4.    Ball NM2026C-S6-BK Engineer II Mens Watch – Black Dial Stainless Steel Case Automatic Movement

Manufactured by Ball.This timepiece has an elegant sophisticated look with a very close semblance to the Rolex Datejust.



  • Uses Automatic Caliber BALL RR1103 movement.
  • Has luminescent hands and markers.
  • Is fitted with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.
  • Has a round stainless steel case with a case diameter of 40 mm and case thickness of 13.15 mm.
  • Has water resistance of up to 100 metres
  • Silver stainless steel bracelet with a fold over clasp
  • Has minute markers around the rim.

5.    Raymond Weil Parsifal

This is an elegant watch that exudes style and can be worn for whatever function.It is beautifully designed with the same basics that will resemble the Rolex Datejust.


  • Roman numerals to mark the hours
  • Water resistant up to 100m
  • Sapphire crystal on the front and a sapphire crystal displaying the automatic movement in the back.
  • Comes in a two tone model case composed of silver-tone and rosy gold.
  • The bracelet has a butterfly clasp
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