Davido like Dat: Full Lyrics

He released many albums that have gone viral in their time. He is the most talented African artist who has released many beautiful songs. Many of his fans eagerly wait to listen to his new upcoming songs. Many may waited to listen to ‘’Davido like Dat’’ song as well. It’s good news for his fans that the wait is over and you can listen and download to his latest song now.

The song is produces by ‘’Shizzi’’ the lyrics of which is:

Agogo coro, agogo Komaro- 4x

Verse 1st:
all the way from magodo

Now we 50 floor up in my condo

Wan ni mo ta like rodo
And I wanna show you mu love o
Emi ommo olowo
anywhere money dey me I go to
Owo ti wole, e bami yin olowa logo

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