How to Improve Alexa Ranking Of your Website [Working Methods 2018]

How to Improve Alexa Ranking Of your Website [Working Methods 2018]

Today I’ll be talking about Alexa ranking so we all know alexa is a website which ranked websites based on traffic popularity and one of the major way they rank is then traffic to a website.

I’ll be talking about how what you can do to improve your Alexa rank, so very first thing why do you need Alexa, because if you have a good ranking you can attract more advertisers plus it will show how popular or how good your blog.

it is now and X is not the actual right way to judge the quality of a blog, but still there are very few of  Alexa kind of websites that can that we can use for ranking a website. For example we often use Google page rank.

So at the same time alexa is a good way to judge blog traffic so if you go to topic top 500 Alexa of websites, you can see Google, Facebook YouTube, all the popular websites are. I consider as a good ranking, now the point is how you can get the similar or better ranking.

Steps to increase Alexa ranking

So I will show you some of the tips which I’ve learned, over the time and that will help you. The very first thing is the content of your blog, now when I say the content it does not have to be the quality and quality is always a matrix but when you control.

It’s all about how often you publish now the regularity is a very prime factor.

Second is the traffic, so if you are publishing regular content quality content of course with properly optimized content for search engine and getting good traffic from everywhere. Let’s say search engine social media sites your ranking is going to be good, the key point is you have to be regular or with your posting it does not have to be irregular.

So if you are posting to post in a week and then the next one week you don’t publish anything it’s bad, what I have seen a few blogs where I used to publish. Let’s say to post a day and the ranking was going really high, when I stopped publishing there my ranking started dropping significantly. So regular posting is the first key.

Second you can go to alexa site and you can create an account over here and then you can verify your site it’s as easy as adding a Meta tag and then add your website details that will help you for sure.

Now, the third and the most important factor are adding elixir vitae to your Website, so that helped them to rank it fairly.

Now many websites who does not have elixir vitae, so some time Alex I could not get the actual traffic data from those websites and me and you don’t see good Alexa our ranking for those websites.

so that’s a downside but again that’s how it alexa works and forth you can also ask people to review your websites on alexa.

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