JAMB 2018 – Certain things to consider when choosing an institution of study

Things to consider before choosing an institution of study after JAMB 2018 registrations

It’s important that jambites seeking for admission into different institutions within Nigeria and abroad must be informed about making the right choice of institution.  However, this post is basically meant to educate and explain institutional choice making for those preparing for JAMB exam. Most applicants for concessional admission into different institution might have been denied based on wrong choices made during Jamb registrations.

Today, I will be gifting you with tips on how to make and select the right institution for studies before proceeding with the Jamb 2018 Registrations.

  1. Verify accredited institutions before jamb 2018 registrations

Jambites seeking admission into any institution must verify properly about institutions that have been accredited by Nigeria University commission (NUC). Also, verify that your choice course of study is also approved and lectures ongoing for students from other levels in the institution.

  1. Catchment Area of The school:

Yeah, catchment area is also important.  Being part of a school/university catchment can favour you during admission processes. For example, UNILAG catchment areas are Lagos, Osun Oyo, Ekiti and Ogun.  The cut off mark for these catchment areas are always lesser than the merit cut off mark.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for admission into a university if you are not from the catchment areas.  Catchment areas only give the candidates of those states upper hands during admission.

  1. ASUU Strike history and State Strike Issues

Applicants seeking for admission into any Nigeria institution must not try to patronize institutions with frequent record of involving in industrial actions as these may delay time frame of graduation and further studies. Jamb 2018 Applicants must research on this properly or remain in school why your mates serve.


  1. Failure to met institutional requirement before Jamb 2018 registration

Universities in Nigeria have different admission requirements, so before applying for one, make sure you meet up with those requirements.  For example, some schools JAMB cut off is 200 while some might be above or below 200. Make sure you are aware of how the admission processes was done the previous year to avoid any form of problem.

  1. How to check jamb results before Application for Jamb 2018 registrations

Most schools uses screening point to admit students.  Though, some might conduct POST UME exam like UNILAG, OAU, while some does not conduct POST UME exam like LASU etc.  I have made some post on my blog on how to calculate the screening point of some schools like UNILAG, UI etc, just check them out.

Having listed all this post,  i hope you now have clear idea on which university to choose.

If you have any question on the university you wish to choose, kindly comment below in the comment box.


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