Wichita State University Admission for online Professional Classes

Wichita State University is currently offering Online, Professional Classes called “Badges” in many areas:Engineering, Business, Professional Writing, Social Media and More. 

Enrolling in a badge class with Wichita State University, USA has several advantages:Everybody will be awarded a scholarship to take one badge class. No Tution FEE for those who enroll before September 15, 2018.
Apply for these special classes for your own personal development. Completely online. Work at your own pace.No TOEFL or IELTS requirement.No other special requirements.To enroll in an online badge class, do any of the following before SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2018:
A. Visit any of our OfficesB. Call 08184985733C. Email ngozio@agonplace.net orD. WhatsApp only 08037051298
PLEASE NOTE: To get a full scholarship, Complete our application form BEFORE SEPTEMBER 15. This deadline cannot be extended.That’s it! We will take care of the rest! Wichita State University USA will admit you as a non-degree guest student and enroll you in the badge class. We will then send you information on how to access your free online class, get access to your Wichita State email address and more.

Note: This special scholarship is not available for Composite Manufacturing and Advanced MatLab classes
1. Care of Populations: Public Health 

2. Care of Populations: Leadership 
3. Care of Populations: Financial Planning 
4. Care of Populations: Community 
5. Care of Populations: Culture 
6. Care of Populations: Policy

7. Anatomy and Physiology of Lactation;

8. ASL Specialized Interpreting: Introduction to Healthcare Interpreting 
9. Creative Interventions: Professionalism in Practice 
10. Creative Interventions: Trauma Informed Care 
11. Professional Writing Series: Crafting Your Resume and Cover Letter 
12. Professional Writing Series: Professional Correspondence, Emails and Memos 
13. Engineering Graphic Series: Orthographic Multiview Projections 
14. Engineering Graphics Series: Parts 
15. Engineering Graphics Series: Assembly 
16. Engineering Graphics Series: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 
17. International Phonetic Alphabet: Overview 
18. ASL in Health Care Settings: Medical Terminology 
19. Creative Interventions: Mindfulness in Practice 
20. Professional Writing Series: Writing for Social Media 
21. Professional Writing Series: Researching Grants that Apply to You 
22. International Phonetic Alphabet – German 

23. International Phonetic Alphabet – Italian
24. Library Research: Introduction 
25. Library Research: Resource Use, Citations & Plagiarism 
26. Creative Interventions: Biofeedback in the Helping Professions 
27. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 1 
28. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 2 
29. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 3 
30. Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness Badge 4 
31. Human Resource Management: Designing Jobs 
32. Human Resource Management: Effective Employee Recruitment 
33. Human Resource Management: Selecting the Right Employees 
34. Human Resource Management: Managing Employee Performance 
35. Human Resource Management: Mentoring Employees 
36. Advanced MatLab 
37. Global Business: Globalization and Its Implications 
38. Global Business: Managing Across Cultures 

39. School Health: Health Disparities, Child Development and Nutritional Needs of School – Aged        Children;
40. Professional Writing Series: Presenting Online
41. CMfgT/CSET: Hands-On Lab 
42. Creative Interventions: Creative Process in Practice 
43. Professional Writing Series: Editing Social Media 

44. Computer Programming: Linear Systems for Engineers

45.  Computer Programming: Computer Programming for Engineers

46. Computer Programming: Numerical Analysis for Engineers

47. Computer Programming: Root Finding for Engineers

48. Computer Programming: Numerical Differential Equations for Engineers

49. Beginning Jazz Improvisation: Introduction to Jazz Theory

50. Beginning Jazz Improvisation: Improvising Using Modes

51. Medical Terminology: Introduction to Medical Terminology

52. Intro to Criminal Justice: Courts

53: Medical Terminology: Bones, Muscles and Skin

54. WSU 101: College 101

55. WSU 101: College Level Academic Success

56. WSU 101: Degree Planning and Career Development

57. WSU 101: Financial Wellness

58. Computer Programming: Optimization for Engineers

60. Library Research: Plagiarism and MLA Citations

61. Library Research: Plagiarism and APA Citations

62. Accessibility in Higher Education: Accessibility, Accommodations and UDL

63. Accessibility in Higher Education: Accessibility’s Legal Landscape

64. Skeletal Muscle as an Endocrine Organ: Practical Blood Flow Restriction Applications




Remember when Hitv came into town and there was so much noise about how it was going to topple DSTV and be crowned king of satellite TV? Well, it eventually didn’t last much longer.

DSTV has been bossing the satellite TV business in Nigeria and wide across Africa for over a decade. The new TSTV threatens to overthrow Multichoice’s mega money making establishment.


Now, this exactly the question you will have up in your head while coming to this page. We will answer that question right away.

TSTV gives you as pay-as-you-consume subscription. This is very different from the duration-limited subscriptions which many other satellite TV services have thrived on. TSTV gives you an option where you can actually pause your subscription, that is, you pay according to your actually usage. The company’s launch took place on October 1st at Abuja attracting a lot of fanfare and social media buzz. The reason is more than obvious.

You can get a TSTV decoder up and running for N5000. There are subscriptions for as low as N200,N500, N1000, N1500, N3000 and more. The movement has already started for TSTV cover across all the states in Nigeria. The TSTV decoder gives 50GB of disk space to record and pause for all your play back action. It also provides 20GB of data for N3000 for video conferencing and WiFi.

Crazy features right??

The DTH pay tv operator promises to give Nigerians what they’ve been asking for from several pay tv services; pay-as-you-consume.


Star Sports
Fox Sports
Euro Sports News
Euro Sports 2
Kwese Sports 1
Kwese Free Sports
Kwese ESPN
MS Extreme
bein Sports MAX 4HD
bein Sports 3HD
bein Sports Global
bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
TS Sports 4 HD
TS Sports 2
TS Sports 3
Yolo Sports HD


Trace Urban/Africa
MTV Base


BBC America
BBC Radio 2
TVC News
Sky News
Core TV News
France 24 (English)
Channels TV
Bloomberg Television
Fox News
TRT World
Press TV
Arise News
TV360 Nigeria


CN Carton Network
Disney Channel
Baby TV
TS Junior Kids HD
Fix Fox
Panda Biggs

Star Movies
MBC Action
Star Movies
African Movie Channel Series (African Magic)
Liberty TV
MBC Bollywood
Wazobia TV
Viasat Life
Fine Living
FOX Life
Investigation Discovery
Star Gold HD
Nollywood TV
Z Cinema
E Entertainment
BEN Bridging The Gap
TS Novella
TS Movies HD
TS Series


Discovery Channel
Nat Geo Gold
National Geographic
Discovery Health TV

Fashion One

Dove Television
Emmanuel TV
Sunna TV
Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries
EWTN – Global Catholic Network
TBN Network


Riwa Ndu TV
TS Hausa
TS Igbo
TS Yoruba
TS Sports 1 HD

2017 SME Capacity Building Series with Stanbic IBTC

It’s time to upgrade your business with Stanbic IBTC bank. The SME capacity building series is back again. This year’s forum which will last from 9th to 30th of October will focus on ‘resources for business transformation’ across various locations in Nigeria. The workshop is for ‘Small and Medium scale Enterprise’ operators who may or may not be direct clients of Stanbic IBTC bank. In line with the primary focus of the workshop which has already been stated, the workshop will equip participants with financial, marketing and management skills necessary to improve productivity and efficiency.

Stanbic IBTC has proven to be keenly interested in the SME segment of the economy over the years. This workshop is not their first. Also, Stanbic IBTC is partnering with the China-Europe International Business School (CEIBS) on this one. This promises that there will be a lot of experts who will give insights on how to accelerate business growth for entrepreneurs. The workshop will last for 21days across Nigeria but it will actually hold for just a day at each of the locations. Information on each of the specific locations and date is given below:


Location Date
Lagos Monday, 09 October, 2017
Ibadan Wednesday, 11 October, 2017
Abuja Monday, 16, October, 2017
Kano Wednesday, 18 October, 2017
Port Harcourt Tuesday, 24 October, 2017
Aba Thursday, 26 October, 2017
Onitsha Saturday, 28 October, 2017
Enugu Monday, 30 October, 2017


We all know that small and medium scale businesses make up the greatest part of the chain of distribution. This forum could be what you need to put in the last piece of the jigsaw and make that breakthrough. The aim is to facilitate capacity building and you have a chance to be a part of it. Visit the Stanbic IBTC website for more details on registration or you could send them an e-mail for inquiries.

The Stanbic IBTC tweet that stormed social media

; Social media marketing strategy


Stanbic IBTC bank pulled a major publicity stunt on Twitter with one of their tweets. It was a social media marketing masterclass. The tweet which was advertising one of their banking innovations was crafted based on Jay-Z’s latest studio album. They obeyed the first rule of social media marketing; keep up with the trend. This is the tweet below:

the Stanbic IBTC tweet that stormed social media

the Stanbic IBTC tweet that stormed social media

  • “They obeyed the first rule of social media marketing; keep up with the trend”

  • The album 4:44 had a song on it titled legacy in which the legendary rapper said deep things about leaving a legacy behind for his daughter. Now, what Stanbic IBTC bank did was to key into that and promote their own banking scheme called ‘Legacee’. Legacee is an insurance scheme by Stanbic IBTC bank, a member Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, which supports people for a seamless distribution of their assets to their cherished ones when they pass on. The bank has been pushing this campaign since April.
  • This tweet by Stanbic IBTC bank gathered the  highest amount of leads ever on the bank’s Twitter account. It is a big reference point of social media marketing strategy after amounting to 405 retweets and 179 likes and hundreds of comments on Twitter which were all more than triple of the average on thier previous tweets. In order to give you more insight into how to promote your brand or blog through social media, let’s take a look the points that made this move by Stanbic IBTC bank such a great one:


The timing of this tweet was the best part of it which makes timing an essential thing to consider in posting on social media to promote your brand. It was tweeted on 30th June , the very same day Jay-Z released the album. The timing was perfect because the release of 4:44 (which is the name of the album) was trending big time on Twitter and across social media. This opened the way for more leads on the bank’s twitter account. We all know that timing has a a massive impact in any venture at all. Why then wouldn’t it be play a big role in social media marketing. If Stanbic IBTC bank had tweeted that message at any other time other than when they did, it would not have had as much effect. This means that one would have to anticipate and plan the perfect time to match your concept and content.


Besides the timing, the concept of that Stanbic IBTC tweet was its second best selling point. The fact that the insurance scheme ‘Legacee’ matched the title of the Jay-Z song titled ‘Legacy’ was really nice. Wordplay is always very catchy for any ad or whatever  marketing tool. The fact that they also found a way of fusing hip hop with a corporate affair is a strategy that people will always find very appealing couple with the fact that Jay-Z is an icon for a lot of people. So, the entire concept of the tweet was ‘A+’ and it was obvious with number of leads they got from it. The whole idea of concept here refers to presentation.



For an efficient social media marketing strategy you should make sure that your concept is catchy and appealing right from the title. it is always beneficial to tailor such concepts in line with current trends because it always brings in more traffic or leads. You would have to take some time to study the trends and see how they could match your content. Craft your ideas well considering your target audience and which social platform you intend to use. The social platform always has an effect on how you deliver your message. On platforms like Instagram and Snapchat you would have to be more graphic, most likely with videos and very elaborate pictures. Gifs are always good for posts on twitter with very striking captions. All these bits and pieces culminate in delivering an enticing concept for your audience.



Now, for any message you would like to deliver at all even outside social media marketing, this is actually the most important bit. Your content is your power. This is what exactly you have to tell the audience. it precedes the other two; concept and timing. Stanbic IBTC had a brilliant concept and timing on that very tweet but the content was actually the backbone. The content of the tweet was based on an insurance scheme to help with wills and passing on of property. This is something that people will find very useful considering all the problems that people face with such matters today.

The 4:44 album tracklist

You could visit the Stanbic IBTC website for more information on the Legacee insurance scheme.

With a brilliant combination of content, concept and timing you deliver a social media ad that will completely wow your audience just like Stanbic IBTC bank did. Kudos to them for it. We could all draw some vital inspiration from it and apply it to our social media marketing strategy.


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